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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from nato leaders gather in london to mark the military alliance his 70th anniversary as a team. but his criticism of the alliance and in him a rebuke from president so will this spot between the 2 leaders are the shot of the suspects we'll take you live to look at the program where the experts tell the climate summit in madrid that the last decade has been the hottest on record we look at what this means for one farmer in south africa. told goes to.
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repeat. this message taking the time to pull a restless excited about that achievements. and welcome to the program. days later somebody london marking the alliance's 70th anniversary has got off to an acrimonious stuff u.s. president donald trump declared that his country derives at least a benefit from membership the us president also hit out to french president emmanuel macro after the french leaders previous comments that nato had become brain dead later mr trump sat down for bilateral talks with his french counterpart and he sounded more upbeat saying that he intended to make what he described as a lot of progress with president macro. so here's
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a little of what mr trump had to say. our countries are partners in many religious green some have to do with radical islam others and it's always worked out so i look forward to such a real progress of our 1st 25 years and we need to make another record in our next hour maybe hour. for his pots our president my cross-eyed money and the cost of nato was not the only consideration but also that the alliance had to be clear about its core mission. here. and i do believe that in such a simple terms we do be left behind. you see jury duty. in syria your influence on their. friends did you present. he said we. don't. see
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yes everybody gets older we don't seem to be on the phone that might be. so let's go live to our correspondent teri schultz is following this for us and want to know welcome terry so the expected clash between the good french and american presence didn't happen it was a very sort of polite agreement to disagree. that's right we don't know exactly what's happening behind the scenes of course but yes that's true publicly now the 2 men have not been trying to basically out criticize each other about nato or about trade policies or about anything else and that's a very important signal heading into the meeting of nato leaders tomorrow everyone was quite nervous about the disputes between presidents trump and necron and whether that would bleed over and really spoil the mood for what nato so much hoped would be a celebration of it 70th birthday it's interesting as well the other thing to pay.
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isn't my call still very much focused on what he believes the vision should be. well that's true and you could hear president mcclellan was still quite heated about what he was saying he was very angered by the u.s. action to be to address abruptly pull out its troops from northern syria leaving british and french troops exposed on the ground that was not a nato mission but one of the things president mcclellan once is that nato one of the or the only organization where all of these countries sit around the table would start to take a stronger role in court meeting things like this very crucial actions where lives are at stake and that's one of the things that he said in this long criticism in which he called the nato brain dead that he wanted to see the alliance do so i think president record is still going to bring to the leaders' meeting tomorrow a very serious list of things he would like to see the alliance change and president trump will be in favor of some of them and not in favor of others and one
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of the things that may still be discussed today in that in that meeting is the fact that france refused to increase its spending on the costs for nato headquarters germany stepped up and said it would pay the same amount as the u.s. allowing washington to decrease its amount but france refused to even participate in a rebalancing of that budget france's president president there with a shopping list turkey's a president. as prototype process well. that's right president erica one wants all the other allies to agree with it fully on which kurdish groups should be declared as terrorist organizations now some of those groups like the y. puji in northern syria are u.s. allies that's the group that was fighting with the us against isis on the ground and is even currently now continuing to guard some isis prisoners in some parts of
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the country so there's no way that the u.s. is going to declare this a terrorist organization even if it did basically abandon them on the ground to a large extent so president there to one is not going to get that out of the united states and president trump and president air to one it may have some words on the sidelines of the nato meeting as well but that hasn't happened yet so we can remain in suspense as to how that that those kind of discussions are going to go teri schultz the nato meeting in london thank you. and let's go to some of the other stories making news around the world germany's defense minister has and has made an unannounced visit to afghanistan country has thousands of troops stationed on a great comic con about us about nato mission to support afghan peace and stability should be extended beyond its current and date of march next year. from to marry has hit the philippines leaving at least 2 people dead torrential rain and winds topping 150 kilometers an hour brought down trees and electrical posts and forced
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hundreds of thousands to evacuate manila's international airport shut down hundreds of flights canceled. teenage climate activists got to turn back as arrived back in europe after crossing the atlantic by boat the catamaran the carrying had docked in the portuguese capital lisbon she'd been attending climate protest in the united states but refused to fly back to europe because of the carbon emissions involved from lisbon she had to the u.n. climate summit in the trade on friday is what she said just a short while ago. with us. as the other climate activists we will not stop we will continue. to do to do whatever we can thank. the team you travel around and to to put pressure on people in power and to
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make sure that they put their prioritize that they prioritize this highest and. and then we will eventually we will be going to cover $25.00 in madrid. and we will. continue the fight there to make sure that within those walls. the voices of the people are being heard and the voices of the future generations of being heard and that the voices from the people especially from the global south of being heard. in un climate conference in madrid weather experts have warned that the past decade is almost certain to have been the hottest on record the only will assessments of the earth's climate by the world meteorological organization paints a bleak picture of vanishing ice devastating heat waves and encroaching sees i want goal of the climate summit is to ensure that the world's biggest economies like
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germany become carbon neutral by 2050. the focus right now is on who will launch real action against climate change last year a new record was set with humans pumping more gigatons of greenhouse gases into the environment than ever before now at the un climate conference in madrid spain delegates from around the world are expected to get clear on exactly how they'll take action moving forward. u.n. secretary general antonio tara's said the war against nature must stop do we really want to be remembered as the generation debt burden to bear in this. why would the planet burns. and the pressure is on the last 5 years where the warmest since humans began recording temperatures extreme weather events are more common sea levels continue to rise to dangerous new levels. of pollution in the atmosphere and in our oceans is devastating ecosystems.
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but so far most countries are still heading in the wrong direction scientists say the vital markers of climate change are predicted to rise not fall in the coming decade emerging economies are burning more coal and the us one of the largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions pulled out of the paris agreement the u.s. delegation says that will change unfortunately we are having to fight our way through a bit of a. blocked by the fossil fuel industry but that will not prevail meanwhile europe is setting its sights on leadership the new head of the european commission ursula vander lyon said europe is prepping to blaze the trail to an economy that prioritizes eco friendly innovation climate and 2015 the
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european green deal is europe's new growth strategy it will cut emissions while also creating jobs funder lion said the e.u. wants to create a transition to climate neutrality that is irreversible with plans to invest one trillion euro in the next decade to make europe the 1st climate neutral continent in the world the race is on to see who can create leadership that finally brings results. over decades record breaking temperatures have brought expanding deserts and shrinking farmlands to many areas south africa's karun region is suffering its worst drought for a century and so this time a craft arrived that has always been potch with taps now running dry have to decide whether to keep their livestock alive or let them die it's a grim choice along with other places with shrinking water supplies
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a could soon be facing. your highness one runs bug drives past what used to be a field of a god a is on his. today there is nothing left. wrong the non-truth they are the missing that out they all died in 17 fun runs bugs farm is located in south africa's great karun the region is naturally dry but a severe drought is now taking its toll on humans and animals. there were good out that all being the 4th drought but all gone through this one what's worse about these obviously the length of this is that after it's now lost the way we are another thing is. we are not being assisted anyway by by the government of the day the dry land means there is no grazing so to keep his
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2 and a half 1000 sheep and goats alive on runs book has to spend $9000.00 u.s. dollars a month many farmers have to slaughter the animals will file for bankruptcy and with many dams now completely dried up the provincial government recently declared the eastern cape province a disaster area but farmers and residents a still waiting for supporters wendy to see has been living in the career town of gras for a net her whole life and we could go tap run dry and the toilets wouldn't flush. the children are getting infection people are getting sick what he needs with. the town's water trucks don't come regularly and when he is disappointed with the local authorities well i'm sure the oil. it would had over a week without. a graph right nasa is among the worst affected towns
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dams and rivers a bone dry in april the municipality received $30000000.00 rand that's more than 200000 u.s. dollars in drought relief we try to find out what the money has been spent on and if a water management plan is in place but the mayor isn't available for an interview the south african disaster relief organization gift of the givers has now stepped in the engine drills bore holes and distributes drinking water to the community he struck enough water to supply at least 2000 children within the there's a war even today from now on until the municipality is back on track and they're going to take the the patient back and they can run again. it seems accountability and good governance and needed here every bit as much as rainfall is.
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here in germany there's growing suspicion that russia was behind this you german prosecutors in charge of a lot of time central but maybe the media reports say he had close ties to the ukraine and georgian secret service is is and i was killer is a russian national who was arrested shortly after the shooting a german news organization is reporting that prosecutors suspect the killing was contracted by russian state agency moscow has denied any involvement to find out more d.w. chief political editor misspoke to constantine found noughts who speaks on home affairs of germany's green party. this if i'm not the german prosecutor general getting involved would mean that there's a recognition that this is a case that affects the german national interest is that a step that's long overdue well i guess the suspicion that there's some foreign power involved that's in the room for
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a long time. now this decision comes late but. it's not a decision what's actually happened. general prosecutor will look into the stuff now with all the power he has and that's the thing that has to happen now now you're also in the room when parliament gets briefed about exactly such security issues and you've also been a critic of the lack of transparency in this particular case is there a political connection from as far as you can tell. well i don't want to play a suspicion game we have to. look into the case look at all the evidence and we need all the police and intelligence power that is to to solve this. strange case and the bad thing is that 2 weeks went by now the last months and we lost time but it's
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not a prejudgment in any direction. the prosecutor has to take the evidence now and make a case and so we have to look in all directions and but the suspicion that there is some foreign power involved that is in the air for weeks now and i think. the responsible people try to hide away from the problem and those suspicions were firmly pointing towards russia what would have to be the consequences if such a link can be established well in any case the rule. flaw and. or poorly or. is for anyone and for a shot so i don't believe in pointing in any direction now but it is a very serious case and if foreign power is involved serious consequences have to
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be drawn as if i'm not thank you very much. some more after a day's top stories dozens of students in chile have staged protests at metro stations around the capital santiago jumping out the turnstiles of helping commuters avoid paying for tickets or going demonstrations in the country were triggered by agha over a fare increases of protesters highlighting widespread inequality. finland's prime minister has resigned over his government's handling of a 2 week postal strike social democrat quit after one of the partners in his governing coalition said it had lost confidence in him the current administration will continue until a new government is formed. the stacks of modern art currently stored in basements to get a new home here in late today saw the groundbreaking ceremony for a national museum of modern art the museum of the 20th century was designed by the
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architects behind london's tate modern. priceless works of art waiting to be displayed. picasso thank man more whole 4000 pieces of state and modern art stored in a basement. now plans to build the museum of the 20th century have been finalized the stock attacks behind hamburg elp the nominee concert hall designed it after years of delay construction is now set to begin its come here and now we can finally present 20th century art appropriately culture ministers have to accept very expensive construction is these days especially if we are to build the right kind of museums for sophisticated art. building costs of already doubled to about $450000000.00 euros before ground was even broken in the 1st draft design the museum was too close to a protected historic church now it's supposed to be built narrow and deep or
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another story below the water level the architect says the costs are no surprise. there. of these works cost billions you have to realize you can't just make a building that's little more than a tin cover. for the prestigious project has long been controversial loved by some mocked by others but many agree that bella needs a modern art museum and the empty space at the cultural forum is a chance to prove that the german capital can build a beacon of the art world. the government has approved about 364000000 euros for the project but not everyone supports it when in force it's for a careful economist the pain threshold has already been surpassed that's why the f.t.p. did not vote with the other parliamentary groups we have to accept the majority of our solution but costs will need to be tracked very closely all sides have agreed to have the budget and the construction work checked twice a year. he hasn't really sure of course ready to convince the critics that this is
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a great building that the science is necessary to present the works properly but given the amount that's been approved it's clear that we and especially those in charge have an extreme obligation to manage costs very very carefully getting guns guns as cost management tools to free and. the museum of the 20th century is expected to open its doors in 7 years time and the developers at least believe the current budget is realistic. meghan repeat no messy have one foot was prestigious ballon d'or awards after being recognized as the best female and male players of the year wrapped in a trial after leading the united states to world cup glory argentina is a messy one a record 6 time after guiding barcelona to another spanish league title would he want to head. rival christie on a run. at mccambridge from deja vu sport can fill in the
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details for us welcome mat adds that starts with the 2nd repeat of she always seemed like the clear favorite but why for she was always a clear choice like you say this was a women's world cup year and we often tend to see when these international tournaments happen the star performers from most wanted tend to fare well in the individual awards towards the end of the year and notably perform better at world cup then megan rapinoe she led the u.s. to victory in france was awarded the golden bowl for the tournament's star player and also finished top scorer so she couldn't really have done more in footballing terms to win the award in terms of the world cup it's also probably for hot off the field exploits this year as well she's use that platform after winning that woke up to become a political activist we're seeing make some of her speeches now she campaigned from everything from gay rights to equal pay for women and she really consistently criticized the trump administration in the u.s. as well so she was a she was a star both on the field and off the field and i think this award recognizes that
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ok so as you say she issues she's been something of a communicator so one presumes that she's reactive on social media of course she wasn't actually in attendance at the ceremony she hopes she appeared via video link and thank. everybody for the award but of course she posted to instagram as well and to see a post from her now where she said that the award was really for everybody for all the women out there we're seeing that now and that really falls in line with her belief that you know the power of sport can change the word. she keeps saying that when she's campaigning you know it doesn't matter what your sexual preferences what your color is where you're from what your religion is people should come together to help change the world and much closer vote on the men's side live in a messy wedding for a record 6th time didn't deserve it or had anybody else had the season that messy it had you say well of course they deserved it but such a colossal standards that messy said of the last 10 years there are actually question marks around it this is a man who scored $51.00 goals in all competitions in 50 appearances for bosler this
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year for the club to a league and cup domestic double people still saying perhaps he didn't deserve it but yet this was his 6th award we're going to hear from him now that his reaction after winning his 6th bout of door. open i mean it was only imagine a bull for me to think i could win one ballon d'or never mind 6 but it's a pleasure to have so many and be the only one with $61.00 and it's great to have this recognition and that makes me very proud really looking. for this white winning the award this year lots of football fans were backing liverpool's virgil van dyke square club when the champions league as national team did well so what counted against him while he was a bit of a hipster choice virgil van dyke a lot of people wanted to see him win the award because defenders very rarely do just 4 have ever won this individual award. but i think the problem is that offenders is they do a lot the dirty work they very rarely get bored it's themselves you know but nobody did the dirty work better than virgil van dyke as you say he was the driving force
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behind liverpool winning the champions league and also finished runner up in the united nations makes a fantastic year for him and mary bridge from indeed it will shout out to the hipsters. this is the dublin years these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump has said that his country did rise the least benefit from nato membership and also lashed out at french president emmanuel macro on the french and his previous comments that nato was brain dead for days nato meeting will discuss issues including defense of defense financing and cyber security threats. teenage climate activists gratitude and burke has arrived back in new york after crossing the atlantic by boat she'll be attending the un climate summit in a trade on friday at the summit of weather experts have announced that the last decade is almost certain to have been the hottest on record. typhoon camorra has barreled over the philippines bringing to wrench the ryans winds of more than 150
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kilometers an hour at least 2 people have been killed and 300000 fled to safety their lives international airport was forced to suspend operations. and linell messi has won a record 6 dog football's most prestigious award the top women's of football is american meghan repeat no goals help the u.s. to victory at this summer's world cup. this is d w news from burdensome or follow us on twitter use or visit our website w dot com. coming up next a german coach juergen klinsmann makes his return to the bundesliga but how does he factor in his debut that's all night kicked off i was up next. the latest news and information on talk of the web sites of 2nd dot com more well when you use a tough it out of a good day. a
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devastating debut for joining the flames my september 11th couldn't keep. with dortmund's to maintain and slid into relegation ranking. by a little close in takes down by in munich. tough luck for the variance who hit the woodwork 3 times.
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for the. markets. of the morning more. your business magazine made germany on t.w. . welcome to the book is the game here for details. trips trying to talk about. this coverage. 3 more for. us a little we have. let's have a look at some of the much surround me still shaking in their boots to breathe
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a sigh of relief so you don't want to miss. this guy. d.w. . sometimes you have to take it all it even when you're the one in the limelight i felt myself put into my pocket and i said well i got to feel that now who cares.


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